HrOUG 2020 conference is postponed

The HrOUG conference consists of three essential elements:

1. beautiful location +

2. top lectures +

3. interesting evening gatherings.


The organizer has always tried to create an atmosphere in which 99.2% of participants will feel comfortable and thus easier to exchange knowledge primarily related to Oracle Universe.


An online conference would not include all the essential elements and therefore Online HrOUG is not an option.


We have been discussing the organization of a hybrid conference on site for months, but we believe that due to all prescribed epidemiological rules and restrictions (smaller gatherings, constant wearing of masks, maintenance of the necessary distance, constant disinfection of halls) participants would not feel comfortable and that is not something we built and provided to the participants of our conferences.


In addition, there are travel restrictions (Croatia is currently on the red list of many European countries) so some participants and lecturers can not even come or are threatened with a two-week quarantine, and there is insecurity that is felt in society around us.


These were the reasons why, to our great regret, we concluded that in mid-October it is not possible to organize a HrOUG conference in Rovinj, and that the conference has the atmosphere and spirit of HrOUG conferences.


Even if we were to organize a hybrid conference on site, we believe that due to restrictions (wearing masks, space,…) participants would not feel comfortable, and then this is not a HrOUG conference.

We will move our jubilee 25th HrOUG conference to 2021.


Activities for 2020:

• All lectures sent by the lecturers will be published on the conference website (

• During the HrOUG conference, we will join the Oracle Groundbreakers online Tour in which selected Oracle ACE lecturers will give lectures one day. It will be free for our members, only registration will be required.

• On the Facebook pages of the HrOUG conference, we will publish a retrospective of photos from the previous 24 conferences. We will be happy if you add some of your interesting photos to the photos from our archive.

• In case of some more online activities, you will be informed in a timely manner.


We greet you warmly until the next personal meeting or HrOUG 2021,

HrOUG team