Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA Virtual Tour

The Oracle Groundbreakers EMEA virtual Tour 2020 brings a star-studded cast, consisting of some of the world’s best Oracle ACEs, ACE Directors and Rock Star Speakers to the region. The tour aims at sharing cutting edge knowledge and independent research in the EMEA region, by accomplished Oracle experts from all over the world.

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date time name title link for registration
14.10.2020. 10:00 Zoran Sevarac Enhance your Java applications with Deep Learning  using Deep Netts
14.10.2020. 11:00 Richard Martens Utilizing the data attribute: Client-side behavior in APEX
14.10.2020. 12:00 Julian Dontcheff Comparing Oracle Database Performance in the Cloud
14.10.2020. 15:00 Tim Hall The 7 Deadly Sins of SQL
14.9.2020. 16:00 David Kurtz Oracle 19c New Features: Adventures with Automatic Indexing on 19c
14.10.2020. 17:00 Ana McCollum Oracle Management Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring: Quick Start Essentials
15.9.2020. 10:00 Sven Ruppert DevSecOps - Kill the rebuilds and true immutability
15.9.2020. 11:00 Lino Schildenfeld APEX printing
15.9.2020. 15:00 Sabine Heimsath How to instrument your code easy and effectively (and why!)
15.9.2020. 16:00 Ludovico Caldara Oracle Drivers configuration for High Availability, is it a developer's job?
15.9.2020. 17:00 Sandesh Rao 15 Troubleshooting tips and tricks for the Oracle Database